What Eyelid Tape Is and How to Use It

Today, many of those willing to avoid turning to a surgeon in order to make their eyelids less drooping, in other words eye lifting, have another alternative. Thanks to the eyelid tape, you will look much younger without surgical procedures. Also, it has an instant effect: your eyes will regain their shape in a matter of seconds. It appears to be a temporary fix called for solving the problem of sagging eyelids. It works in the following way: it pulls the skin back so that it should be in a natural position. As a result, your look is much fresher and the skin around the eyes doesn’t sag any more. You may make a practice of using it regularly. Though, mostly people use  this method before photo sessions in order that their eyes should look even.

A Short Instruction on the Usage of Eyelid Tapes

Here is how an eyelid tape can change the way people lookIf you have never applied eyelid tapes, you probably need a short guidance on how to do it.

  1. If you apply it in the morning, your lids are supposed to be free from any make up. Do not use any creams, lotions or fluids onto your eye area. Make sure your lids are clean and dry. If you have washed them with water, let it dry completely.
  2. Now take the tape from its package, better with the help of a clean stick that will not smear the adhesive surface.
  3. Apply the tape onto your upper eyelid, a little above the lash line. The higher you apply it, the more of your lid will be visible after the procedure is completed.
  4. There is a special plastic Y-shaped fork that comes with the tape. Use it to push the lid as deep into the eye socket as possible.
  5. Naturally, the upper adhesive surface will stick at once, so you have just one try to form the new crease. If the crease looks not like you would want it to look, take the tape off and try one more time. Surely, the best teacher is practice, so the more you train, the better result you will have.
  6. After the crease is done, correct it with the help of the same fork to give it the most natural look. Now you can apply makeup and enjoy the great open-eyed look with a double eyelid.

Another important aspect of this method is that it fits different types of eyes. No matter whether you have double, monolid or uneven eyelids, you will find it rather useful and easy in use. Make-up may help you to make it invisible, of course, if you care to. The packaging of the product contains all the necessary instructions explaining how to use the tape effectively as well as how to conceal it by means of make-up.

This is an Alternative to Surgery

One of the most vivid advantages of the eyelid tape is that it is absolutely safe, unlike the surgical procedure that might have irreversible complications. Of course, you will take some time to get used to applying it in a correct way, but after some while it will be no problem for you to cover the this thing up.