How to Cope with Cosmetic Problems with Lids

The skin that surrounds eyes is very thin. There is no fat layer in it, so it needs protection from us. It is vulnerable to the external factors, such as cold winds and heat. For women, one of the aggressive factors that influence the skin around eyes is cosmetics, which can dry it. So, in order to keep eyelids firm and smooth, it is necessary to take at least a little care of them.

Dark Circles

A woman with dark circles under eyesThe dark circles under eyes are, as a rule, a sign of tiredness and lack of sleep. The bad circulation of blood in the tiniest capillaries under that skin results in their fragility. This causes such dark spots that resemble bruises so much. Sometimes, it can be enough to have a good nap and get rid of this doubtful decoration. But if the exhaustion of the whole organism is too serious, a good sleep will not be enough. It is necessary to spend more time in the open air and lead an active way of life. If you are looking for a cosmetic means that will help you hide the defect, choose those, which have passed ophthalmologic control and will not cause allergy.  Such a concealer should also be as light as possible and not to clog pores. The skin of eyelids is too delicate to treat it roughly, so the agents with the help of which you remove cosmetics have to be gentle and combine moisturizing and cleansing features.

Swollen Eyelids

A girl with a swollen eyelidAnother sign of troubles in the organism can be baggy lower eyelids and swollen upper ones. Of course, if you have cried or rubbed your eyes before going to bed at night, you are very lucky to get up with swollen eyes. But when this happens regularly, there is a certain need of turning to a doctor because this can be a sign of some misbalance in the work of kidneys and a heart. If you have swollen eyes in the morning there is a good remedy: put a tablespoon to a fridge for a couple of minutes, then take it out and apply onto your eyes for a while. This will help you turn your eyelids to a normal state, but as long as this problem is not a trifle, there is a definite need to cure the cause and not the outcomes.

All the creams and masks you are using for your eyes should be hypoallergenic. Apply them with clean fingertips and try not to stretch the delicate skin to avoid wrinkles.

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