What Can Cause Drooping of Eyelids

Each problem with eyes is serious enough to hurry up to a doctor. Eyes are such delicate and unique organs, which cannot be replaced and can hardly be repaired. Many eye diseases are caused by infections, and as a result there can appear an inflammation. This process can involve an eye and the tissues around it, that is, lids.

The Skin of Lids

Here is what the droopy eyelids are.Lids are tender and thin, their delicate skin has got no such protection, which the other skin has. That is why it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to this part of your face. Certain diseases, which are accompanied by inflammations, can influence the lids in such a way that they will droop and cover the eyes.  This is a real trouble, for a person will have to strain the muscles on the forehead in order to lift eyebrows and lids altogether. You can often see people suffering from such a trouble: their heads are thrown backwards; it is easier to keep eyes open in such a posture.

Drooping of eyelids can be caused by numerous reasons, among which, first of all, there are age and traumas. Besides that, such a state can be inborn: in this case one or both lids can cover either a part of a pupil of an eye or the whole one. One-side ptosis is being encountered more often than two-side one, and there is a lot of reasons for its appearance. What’s interesting, there is no role of genetics in this disease, and it does not wear a family character. The main reason for such an ageing ptosis is enfeeblement of muscles holding lids up. In case of trauma, ptosis may be caused by a scar, the tissue of which lacks elasticity.

Ways to Cope with Ptosis

This woman suffers from a ptosisIn any case, for normal seeing and in order to prevent dystrophy of eyes it is necessary to lift the lids in some way. It can be done through a surgery, which is rather cosmetic and very popular among celebrities who want to conceal the signs of ageing.

But in case the surgery is impossible or undesirable for some reasons, there is another way out, which is in the so called eyelid tape. Only a piece of this tape can be helpful to lift an eyelid without any surgery or intrusion into the normal functioning of the lids. This tape can be used under a makeup, if necessary, but should only be remover for a night.

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