The Droopy Eyelids and its Treatment

Ptosis is such an issue with an eye, when one of the eyelids (but sometimes even both) sags. More commonly ptosis is referred as droopy eyelids. Usually ptosis takes place because of a weakness of the local muscles that are not strong enough to keep the eyelid on its normal place. But such a problem can also occur when a person has upper eyelids with too big laxity or because of some mis-function of the local nerves. The droopy eyelids differ from each other, in some cases the entire eye cannot be opened because of ptosis and sometimes it’s almost unseen for non-professionals. The droopy eyelids can be a genetic problem but also it can appear after some illness. The sagging of the eyelids can happen in all the ages.

How to Know that You Deal with Ptosis

An example of the droopy-eyelidsThe most obvious sign of ptosis is the drooping of the eyelid(s). The reasons of such disease are different. According to the degree of the eyelid’s sagging the patient with ptosis might have a poor vision or not have any vision at all. There are cases when ptosis can be mixed up with another health problem of similar type known as dermatochalasis. Still those are two different problems. One more symptom of having ptosis is when you eye becomes exhausted because of the necessity to keep it open despite the eyelid problem.

Why People Have Ptosis

If a person has weak muscles that are responsible for lifting the eyelids, these muscles can’t do what they are supposed to. They are just too weak for function properly. Two most typical reasons of such a problem are the damage of local muscles and some neural disorders. If case of spotting ptosis, it’s a must to visit a doctor because this might be caused with some serious disease like myasthenia gravis, some brain issues, etc.

A Treatment of the Droopy Eyelids

The bad thing about ptosis is that it won’t disappear anywhere without medical help. Speaking of the medical help, the treatment of ptosis includes some plastic surgery combined with the restoration proceedings after the surgery. Of course, such a surgery includes anesthesia, so you won’t feel anything. Still, if you are not ready for a surgery, there is one more type of droopy eyelids’ treatment you should think of – a using of a special tape. The eyelid tapes are enough cheap and easy in use. These means can help the eye to function properly without the droopy eyelid. It is a temporary but effective treatment.

So, the droopy eyelids can be a genetic problem or caused by some dysfunction of the eyelids’ muscles cells. Ptosis can be treated by the psychological and surgical procedures or temporary masked by the eyelid tapes.

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