Is an Eye Twitch Indeed a Symptom of Serious Diseases?

A nervous twitch of eyelids can rarely be a cause of a serious worrying for its owners. People do not pay a lot of attention to such a trifle as a ticking eyelid. Though, it is not that harmless. Having appeared once, it can return even when you think it is over, and it can happen very soon.

What Can It Be?

Eye twitch is a common problem for lots of peopleThis is not just a sign of tiredness and excessive tension of eyes. Such a twitch can be a sign that your nerves require a serious sedation and relaxation. It can be a disease of the central nervous system, a complication of craniocerebral traumas, of atherosclerosis. This ticking takes place not only in the muscles that surround the eye: it involves many facial muscles and nerves. Any signs of such twitches witness the utter exhaustion of the nervous system and its need of the urgent recovery.

First of all the therapy in such cases should involve a special diet containing a lot of calcium. It is the lack of this element that causes involuntary ticking in muscles. If the twitches are very intensive and threaten to involve a part of the face, then it is possible to undertake a serious therapy with botox injections that fix muscles in one position until the medicine gets dissolved in the tissues and its effect weakens.

How to Prevent It?

In order to prevent appearance of such troubles it makes sense to have profound walks in the open air, to interlace active working with active rest and this way to train the nervous system. Relaxation plays one of the most important roles in such a treatment, and in order to relax it is useful and pleasant to have baths with some sea salt.

Another important thing in treatment of facial ticking is a correct diet. It is necessary to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which contain magnesium, and to limit consumption of tea and coffee that stimulate the nervous system.

If you suffer from such ticking you should better limit your contacts with a TV set and computer. In cases when it is impossible due to your work, you should pay attention to doing special exercises and massage and to cool compresses that help muscles to relax in a natural way. The sedative effect can be reinforced with certain essential oils. Only inhaled, their smell can release all the tension and make you feel calm and healthy.

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