A Home-Made Effective Double Eyelid Tape

Eyelid tapes are now available in many shops, but even if you cannot manage to find them there, you can order them on the Internet. Still, there is no need to wait. You can make an effective eyelid tape at home. girl applying an eyelid tape on the left eyeIt is very easy and cheap. All the stuff you will need can be found in the nearest store or in your drawer. So, let’s start.

How to Make an Eyelid Tape at Home

  1. Where to find the material: You will need some usual transparent scotch tape, scissors and a thing that is at least a little similar to Y-shape. It can be a dental floss device, but without the floss. In general, it can be anything, but without sharp ends that can hurt you.
  2. cutting a home-made eyelide tapeWhat to do first: You need to cut out a piece of the scotch tape. It has to be as long as your eyelid (or even a little shorter)and 3 to 4mm wide. The upper edge should be dome-shaped, the lower can stay straight: it does not matter much. Try to make the ends rounded, because the scotch tape can prick your eyelids. here are two home-made eyelid tapesCutting the tape, try to touch its adhesive part as rarely as you can, otherwise it will not stick to your lids. You can cut several different pieces of all possible shapes and try them all before you find the best one for you.
  3. How to apply the tape: Apply the tape a little higher than your lashes. Note: The higher you apply the tape, the more of your eyelid will be visible below the crease. You need to leave some free space between the tape and the lashes for a more natural look and for makeup.
  4. Why we need the Y-shaped device: Now, with the help of the Y-shaped thing you have prepared, make sure that it has stuck evenly and securely. Smooth it gently along the eyelid and try opening your eyes. If it disturbs you, take it off and try another shape, width and so on. You’ll see how your lids will get lifted at once!
  5. When you finally take care of the crease, it is time to move on to makeup process. Remember that it is the last step: if you apply it before the tape, it will not stick, and the makeup will be smeared.

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