If You Lack the Natural Double Eyelids

A lot of females all over the world suffer from not having the natural double eyelids. It is a typical problem, especially for Asian women. There are two ways how to add a crease above your eyelash. The first method is non-surgical: you can buy the eyelid glue or the eyelid tape. These means are very popular and easy in use. The second method is surgical and needs your prudence in the choice of a surgeon. An operation is always worse than other procedures, that’s why a surgery should be the last one to try.

How to Use the Eyelid Tape and Glue?

Asian women who lacks the double eyelidsThe eyelid tape is a usual pre-cut transparent sticker that is glued in the spot above the eyelash in order to create the natural crease. A set of the eyelid tapes is enough cheap and consists of the tapes and little tweezers. Before using these means it is necessary to learn what the differences between the ethnic eyelids exist. It is very important for such a procedure, because the right form of the created eyelid can help to make the appearance more natural. Before the double eyelids’ creation clean and wipe your face. Then take one tape, glue it above the eyelash and make the crease that is parallel to the eyelash line with help of the tweezers. Also you can use the special eyelid glue. You don’t need a sticker for this method. You just spread the glue above the eyelash and create the eyelid also with help of the tweezers. After the procedure it is possible to make up your face.

Is it Dangerous to Choose a Surgery?

The double eyelid surgery is also a good variant to get the natural double eyelids. There are a few pieces of advice that you must follow in order to find a professional surgeon. It should be a doctor of the highest category and with enough practical experience in the double eyelids surgeries. It is also better not to spare your money on this procedure. If you follow these three rules, the surgery won’t be dangerous. It takes just a few hours and no staying at hospital. You will need some recovery period during the following 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Such surgical procedures are very popular nowadays, especially among Asian women because of their ethnic peculiarities.

If you lack the natural double eyelids and want to add this feature to your appearance, you will do it easily. There are surgical and non-surgical methods for it that are enough safe, economical and easy.

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