How to Make Eyelids Look Younger

Puffiness, drooping and crow’s feet are common issues that are related to eyelids, and they are a result of the aging process. As the body ages, eyelids lose this desirable tight and smooth appearance of younger skin. Other factors that may lead to eyelid sags, droops and wrinkles are exposure to sunlight or dermatological problems. It is no longer necessary to suffer from eyelids that have lost their youthful look. There are cosmetic procedures and surgeries that can erase obvious signs of aging that surround eyelids. A good cosmetic dermatologist can help a patient, offering an eyelid surgery.

Blepharoplasty, which is known as an eyelid surgery, helps to remove and erase signs of eyelid aging. This surgical procedure can be done very fast and a recovery period is quite short. Local anesthesia is given to a patient, making it a safe and painless process.

Once anesthesia is given, a surgeon and team begin the main procedure. Several external incisions are made along natural skin lines of eyelids. These skin lines can be found in those places, where the skin naturally folds and forms creases during long years of blinking and movement. In some cases, inside surface incisions are made along a lower portion of eyelids.

After these incisions are made, a surgeon begins to remove tissues from eyelids. An amount taken can vary and a doctor usually decides based on some experience, desirable outcome and safety of a patient. Evaluation and outcome of this surgery is discussed between a patient and a surgeon before a procedure, so a person can have a better understanding of what to expect.

everyone wants to have such young eyelidsThe upper eyelids surgery helps with those conditions that are known as “over-hanging” or “tired” eyelids. A surgeon follows a patient’s natural anatomical lines to create those eyelids that are better, making the eyes look larger and alert.

The lower eyelids surgery is done to remove tissues and get rid of puffiness and lower eyelid bags. Like the above mentioned procedure, this kind of surgery follows natural anatomical lines, removing excess tissues to give the eyes a healthy and youthful look. To increase its effectiveness, specialists can go for the special chemical peeling along with this surgery. Results of combined processes are the eyes with a fresh look, which takes years from a person’s face.

This eyelid surgery is safe and done professionally, so there is no need to be afraid of it. During a procedure all patients will be provided with the necessary comfort, so that they can feel safe and protected. During the recovery period it is possible to notice mild swelling and bruising, which is quite common. These conditions may last for about one week after this procedure. When sutures are removed, a patient will be examined to check the area around the eyes to ensure that this surgery was successful. Find a dermatologist that you feel comfortable with to guarantee a successful and positive result of your future eyelid surgery.

It is said that the eyes are windows to the soul, and when those windows look old, they have an impact on the overall appearance of a person. Return this desirable appearance with the help of an eyelid surgery.

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