Reasons Why People Are Wearing an Eyelid Tape

Plastic surgery is a good thing, but there are many things that can prevent people from doing it. They can be related to health conditions, or an operation may be too pricey – whatever. But it is quite possible to do fantastic things without a scalpel and a surgeon.

Changing Appearances

Here is how the eyelid tape is usedYou surely know that it is possible to change one’s appearance with the help of some make up. It is also possible to change even nationality using simple but effective means. For instance, in Asian countries the so called European fold of eyelids is extremely popular, and they use special glues or the eyelid tape in order to create this look. Besides that they wear special lens, which make eyes look wide as those of anime characters.

It is said that using such means at the most delicate skin on one’s face without a serious reason is not very good, especially at a young age. Owing to such manipulations, the muscles holding eyelids can get weak. Such a weakness will cause a premature drooping of lids, and this will turn into a real trouble.

Real Necessities

Another thing is the same drooping but at an elderly age or as a result of a disease or trauma. In those cases usage of the eyelid tape is quite reasonable and has got no contradictions. Yet, even in this case it is not recommended to wear such a tape for a long time. Though it does not cause allergy or irritation of skin, it can happen that an eye gets too dry. This may be a result of a wrong usage of the tape, when the eyelid is raised too high. It is necessary to find the best position of the lid held by the tape and in case of necessity to use additional moisture. And of course, it is necessary to remove the tape for the night in order to let the lids have some rest and relax and shut fully. In the morning you should use only the fresh piece of the tape.

It is also very important to do whatever you are doing with your eyelids only with clean hands. You can additionally wash them with a special sanitizer: eye diseases are mostly caused by infections, and inflammations on eyes are serious and utterly undesirable for anybody. They alone can cause drooping of healthy lids, so there is no necessity to say what can happen to those, which have already lost their springiness.

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